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Wine Country Cycling Classic 1999

Pro Men's StartSince 1985 Sonoma County has been host to one of Northern California's premier cycling events: The Wine Country Cycling Classic on Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28. The Wine County races are the only races of this caliber, nationwide, on this weekend. In addition to competing for a total of $15,000 in prize money, the racers will be accumulating points for the National Point Series.

Saturday, March 27, 1999
Graton Road Race

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The Graton Road Race course, set in the rolling vineyards, apple orchards, and redwoods, straddles the ridge that separates Santa Rosa from the Sonoma coast. With the start/finish in downtown Graton, this 88 mile pro circuit race over a 10 mile course with over 700 feet of climbing per lap will challenge all levels of riders.
2nd and 3rd PlaceMaster 45

1. Dave Walters - Kendall-Jackson
2. John Emery - ICCC
3. Daniel Dale - BBC
4. Rene White - CRC
5. David Stockwell - IBC
6. Gary McBride -
7. Robert Wong - Pen Velo.

Masters 45 Finish

Master 45

Master 55

1. Mike Freeman - Mako/Silks
2. Richard Shields - Mako/Silks
3. Bill Best -
4. Peter Dahlstrand - Pen Velo
5. James Lombard - Pen Velo
6. Dennis Furgason - Pen Velo
7. Bill Fallis - Pen Velo

Masters 55 3rd Place


1. Devon Huff-Weeks - John Wardin Sports
2. Will Heutess? - Delta Pedalers
3. Hunter? Chiles -
4. Trine Zogg
5. Carson Blorne
6. Brady Harter
7. Austin Peterson - Redwood Empire
8. ----
9. Adam Switters - Sacramento Golden Wheelmen

Womens 4

1. Mary McConneoug - Micro Supreme
2. Kathleen Bartolussi - LGBRC
3. Christina Jaworski - Monte Vista
4. Sabine Dukes - Joselyn's
5. Marisa Robba -
6. Lynell Garfield - West Coast CC

Women 4

Women 35+

1. Jay Shaffer - LGBRC
2. Lesley Jensen - BBC
3. Narda Roushdi - BBC
4. Liz Beneshin - Cyclovets
5. Lauren Manzano - LaGrange Zombies
6. Allison Buxton - SkytelRT
7. Beverly Schor - Pen Velo

Womens 35+

Master 35+ 1/2/3

1. Bruce Hendler - Alta Alpina
2. John Wordin - Mercury CT
3. Tyler Heerwagen - Olympic
4. Glen Winkel - USPS
5. Daniel Tout - Jane Cosmetics
6. Doug Gratton - Alta Alpina
7. Dirk Hunley - Park City
8. Brian McGuire - Olympic
9. Michael DeNardi - Alta Velo

Cat 4/5

1. Justin Robinson - Valley Spokesmen
2. Robert Saybolt - CCSF
3. Bob Brady -
4. Hiroki Kuhamari - CUBC
5. Brendan Kelly - BBC
6. Aaron Wilkinson - ?
7. Christopher White - Alto Velo
8. Michael Hutchinson -
9. Chris Dilette - CCSJ

Cat 4/5 Winners

Senior 3

1. John Armour -
2. Matt Dubberly - LGBRC
3. Anthony Leal - X-Men
4. William Lanstreth - BBC
5. Brian Zimmy -
6. Todd W -
7. John Cunningham - CCSF
8. Jason Salkind - BBC
9. Jon Erskine - LGBRC
10. John Ford - Marin C
11. Sven Stum -
12. Daniel Hopley - West Coast Cycling

Master 35+ 4, 5

1. Steven Davis - Rio Strada
2. Dean Amandson -
3. Phil Scheidler -
4. Rene Ferrot - Swamie
5. Dan Serivnor - Equipe LeMatin
6. Yoshino Toshiaki -
7. Scott Poosley - Equipe LeMatin
8. Ron Callison - Valley Spokesmen
9. Phil Louaglio - SJBC
10. Bill Foster - Card Club

Master 35+

Pro, Senior 1

Men Pro, I, 88 miles

The men contested a very different race. Faced with a numbers problem (Saturn 7, Mercury 11), the Saturn men decided that their best chance was to make the race, and especially the climb, hard enough so that the numbers would be whittled down to a more equitable and manageable group from which they could launch attacks. Some bad luck, including multiple flats and mess-ups when overtaking other races on the course at the same time, contributed to a missed moment and a small group--containing no Saturn riders--got a gap quickly. Saturn was forced to chase and in the end came close to reeling in the group. After the hard-core chase, Levi Leipheimer (Saturn) remained in what was left of the chasing group, but because the Pro field crossed the line interspersed with the Cat. 2 field, the results were muddled. In the end Mercury riders Scott Moninger and Thurlow Rogers took 1-2 with Eric Wohlberg of Shaklee in 3rd. 

1. Scott Moninger - Mercury
2. Thurlow Rogers - Mercury
3. Eric Wohlberg - Shaklee
11. Levi Leipheimer
20. Michael Barry

Scott Moninger
Men Pro's with 2 laps left

Pro Winners

Cat 2Cat 2

1. Dave King - Team Wheelworks
2. Abel Eisentraut - L'Equipe Cheval
3. John Nabil - Swami Cycling

Cat 2 Winner

Women 1, 2 & 3

Wilson Wins Wine Country Road Race with Timex in Tow Santa Rosa, CA--(March 28-29, 1999)--Anna Wilson (AUS- Saturn ) won the 55 mile Graton Road race under sunny skies on Saturday at the Wine Country Classic ahead of Timex’s Linda Jackson and Pam Schuster. Emily Robbins (Saturn) initiated the first break of the day and was joined by Julie Young of Timex and Erin Veenstra of Shaklee. They powered away, gaining up to 1 minute, but were chased down by both the Elita team and Celestial Seasonings riders. Soon after, Susy Pryde attacked taking Pam Schuster (Timex) with her. The duo gained some time, but again were caught by the field. Next off was Anna Wilson (Saturn) with Schuster in tow. Dede Demet (Saturn) and Linda Jackson(Timex) escaped from the field and were closing fast on Wilson and Pam when Linda jumped away from Demet on the climb. Just as Linda reached Wilson and Schuster at the top of the climb, Wilson countered Schuster's sprint for QOM points and quickly gained over a minute which she held until the finish. Jackson and Schsuter worked together to catch wilson, but could not close the gap. The duo finished together in second and third.

1. Anna Wilson - Saturn
2. Linda Jackson - Timex
3. Pamela Schuster - Timex
4. Dede Demet-Barry - Saturn
5. Odessa Gunn - Kendal-Jackson
6. Suzy Pryde - Saturn
7. Marile Holjier - Inland Sunset
8. Anke Erlank - Timex
9. Julie Young - Timex
10. Maureen Veryara - El Salvador Nat'l
11. Kristie Reynolds - Team Jane
12. Cybill DiGiustini - Elifa
13. Emily Robbins - Saturn
14. Erin Veenstra - Shaklee
15. Elizabeth Emery - Celestial
16. Belinda Heerwagen - G.S.Lombardi
17. Kendra Wenzel - Timex
18. Nicole Gingles - Emerald Velo
19. Caren Spore - Davis BC
20. Gabriela Ferral - ?

Anna Wilson
Women's 2nd and 3rd Place
Top Three
Women's Start

Team Mercury planning their strategyThurlow Rogers - MercuryFeed Zone Frenzy

Feed Zone II

More Graton Photos - new as of 4/6/99

Sunday, March 28, 1999
Kendall-Jackson Winery Criterium

The Kendall-Jackson Winery Criterium is a short, fast race cornering six times through Santa Rosa's scenic City Center.
Master 45, 55*

1. John Barmetter - Alto Velo
2. Mark Caldwell - Lombardi
3. J. Grantman - Shaklee
4. John Elgart - Alto Velo
5. Gary McBride -
6. Mark Rodamaker - Alto Velo
7. Peter Cahill - LGBRC

Senior 4, 5

1. Erik Birky - West Coast Cycling
2. Michael Ma - San Jose BC
3. Stephen Wu - Fremont Freewheelers
4. Greg Darrah - Rio Strada
6. Christopher White - Alto Velo
7. Akiru Kuyama - BBC
8. Justin Robinson - Valley Spokesmen


1. Sterling Magnel - Mercury
2. Devon Hoffweeks - Mercury
3. Terun Martin - Beaverton BC
4. Andrew Touchstone - NVV/Jolt
5. Josh Conner - Team Devo
6. Scott Jereb - Cetta del Polli Cicylista
7. Alex Zogg - Kendall-Jackson

Womens 4/MstrWmn35+

1. Aileen Loe - Simply Fit
2. Sue Sheek - Inland Sunset
3. Debbie Calli - AACC/Chak
4. Alison Buxton - Skytel
5. Donna Menaro - Mako Silks
6. Deborah Durand - Inland Sunset

Women Cat 3

Womens Cat 4

Master 35+

1. Glen Winkel - USPS
2. Ed Gaulett -
3. Larry Nolan - USPS
4. Brian Stanley - Inland Sunset
5. Dave Walters - Kendall Jackson
6. Mark Hoffaberg - Simple Green
7. Randy Warren - Cal Poly
8. Richard Pepper -
9. John Barmetter - Alto Velo
10.Mike Camerena - Palace Cycling
11. Ken Watkins - RECT
12. Carl Sundquist - BMC

Master 35+ Podium

Senior 3Senior 3

1. Kurt Reese
2. Stuart Michael - Inland Sunset
3. Bruce Alexander - Skytel Racing
4. Scott Derdenger - Marin
5. Bryan Ward - Cannibal
6. Tobias Chapman - Sycip
7. Chris Kimm -
8. Ross Dillon -
9. Mat Dubberly -

Men Cat 3 Start

Senior 3 winners

Master 35+ 4, 5

1. Everett Orrick -
2. Michael Ma - San Jose BC
3. Michael Devor -
4. Mike Simpson -
5. Dean Amundson -
6. Gary Gogal -
7. Roberto Manani - Alta Alpina
8. David Storm -
9. Tony Gomez - Santa Rosa Cycling

Master 35+ Cat 4/5 winner
Master 35+ 2nd+ Place
Masters 35+ 4/5

Pro, Senior 1

In a fairly conservative 75 minute crit, the men's team decided to focus on maintaining a presence at the front and being aware of positioning in a race where positioning was key. The race saw a variety of attacks throughout, but none that lasted more than a lap or two. Saturn was present in many of the moves but couldn't make anything stick. With seven laps to go, Shaklee set good tempo at the front of the field. With four to go Saturn and Mercury each had leadouts setup near the front of the peloton, in good position. But at two laps to go mayhem ensued and as the pack slowed and mushroomed all leadout trains dissipated. At that point it was a free-for-all with Jonas Carney (Shaklee) taking the race, ahead of Roberto Gaggioli and Eddie Gragus.

1. Jonas Carney - Shaklee
2. Roberto Gaggioli - De Feet
3. Eddie Gragus - Pro Peleton
14. Jimmy Hansen
16. Robbie Ventura

Pro Men - Podium
Pro Men Finish
Ralph interviewing Jonas Carney

Senior 2


Women 1, 2 & 3

Kendall-Jackson Criterium Goes to Timex!
Santa Rosa, CA-- The Kendall Jackson Criterium at the Wine Country Classic this weekend was fast and furious from the start of the women’s race. Attacks flew from the sound of the starting pistol. Nothing escaped, however, and the race came to a field sprint with Kendra Wenzel (Timex) winning the drag race to the line to claim her first victory of the year, finishing just ahead of Anna Wilson (Saturn) and Marie Holjer (Sunset).

1. Kendra Wenzel - Timex
2. Anna Wilson - Saturn
3. Marie Holjer - Inland Sunset
4. Nichole Reinhart - Saturn
5.Suzanne Sonye - Helen's
6. Nicole Freeman - Kendall-Jackson
7. Aleka Skaeras - Celestial
8. Erin Vaenstra - Shaklee
9. Deborah Durand - Inland Sunset
10.Cheryl Binney -
11.Linda Elgart - Ophir Milan
12. Diane Orem - Celestial
13. DeDe Dement-Barry - Saturn
14. Ashley McCullough - Cox
15. Janice Cavendish -

Pro Momen Start
Pro Women Finish
Kendra Wenzel, Anna Wilson & Marie Haljer

The Kids ChallengeHappy SpectatorsRacing Action

The Requisite Window ShotPro Mens Start

More Kendall Jackson Photos - new as of 4/6/99

Report from New Zealand's Graeme Miller 

Wine Country Classic Road Race, 136 kms, 8 X 17 kms laps:

This was to be one of the hardest races I've ever done. Each lap had a very hard 4km climb plus a few other hills tossed in just to toughen us up a little.

Mercury, Saturn,and of-course Shaklee were the teams to watch. We had just done a full week of photo's for our team so we all had not done a lot of training while in San Francisco. No excuses though. Gord Frazer (after reading my last report) attacked a the start and took it to us along with Eddie Gragus they finally were caught with two laps to go. I had to cry enough with one lap to go and rode back to the van to watch the finish with my head hanging very low. It turned out to be a real battle up the front Mercury had 3 Shaklee 2 going into the last lap. Saturn were chasing hard to get it back together. Our two riders lost contact and it regrouped somewhere on the last lap. Mercury were 1, 2 with Moninger and Rodgers (Mr Hard Bastard himself) and then our Skaklee man Wohlberg 3rd.

It was a very glum ride home for us losers. No ride in the van if you don't put out in the race!!!

Day 2 - 75 minutes plus 5 laps Criterium in Downtown Santa Rosa:

The course today was flat and fast but it had cateyes all over the place it was like riding through a mine field. Shaklee had to save some face and I was motivated to make sure that the other teams knew by the end of the day that we are here to race this year. So I made sure that we were all wired up with the radios plus I had a talk back piece on my one just to make sure that all went to plan. We went into the race wanting the win as there were a lot of head Shaklee people there. So it was do or die. Jonas Carney was our man set up for the win. He was told to sit on the back and we would do all the work making it look like the team was setting me up for the win.

The plan went perfectly thanks to the radios and a lot of yell by the team manager. With 9 laps to go all of the Shaklee Team were on the front and winding it up. With one to go I went to the front with Jonas on my wheel. He blew by me in the last straight like I was standing still to take the win from Gagg and Eddie Gragus. No Saturn or Mercury to be seen. Job well done.

Courtesy of Cycling News

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