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The 24th Cherry Pie Criterium
Napa, CA (Feb 7, 1999)

A nice field of men were on hand to ride the 24th Cherry Pie Criterium in Napa today, but the womens fields were rather slim.  The weather started out pretty wet but cooperated later in the day with no rain in the afternoon.

Men's Pro 1/2

Women's 1/2/3

Here is the winner of the men's Pro 1/2 race.


1. John Peters Mercury Racing Team
2. Charles Hutcheson Sunchase/Park City Mtn Resort

Click for a larger photoLeft)  This is Rebecca Edwards (Cal Aggies), the womens 1/2/3 winner.


2nd Place - Odessa Gunn (RECT)
3rd Place - Troy Watson (CCSF)

Cat 5 - Men Cat 4
1. Rob Saybolt (CCSF)
2. Daryl Spano (SJBC)
3. Peter Unruh (---)
4. Jim Moser (Palisades)
5. Tim Sullivan (CCSF)
1. Will Bachar (Rock Lobster)
2. Grant Stevens (Stanford)
3. Erick Birky (West Coast)
4. David Sturm (Monticello Racing)
5. Josh Kadis (Moss Bay RC)


Master 45+

1. Devon Hoff-Weekes (Mercury/Ritchey)
2. Sterling Mucmek (Mercury/Ritchey)
3. Ralisaan Buhati  (Mercury/Ritchey)
4. Skyler Bishop (Mercury/Ritchey)
5. Alex Ambrosi (Mike's Bikes)
Before the Mens Pro 1/2 Race1. Dave Walters (Kendall Jackson)
2. J. D. Gilford (ICCC)
3. John Barmettler (Alto Velo)
4. Daniel Dale (BBC)
5. Mark Waters (Monticello)

Cat 3

Masters 35+

1. Eli Rowe (---)
2. John Ford Team Marin)
3. Colby Furreli (Lombardis)
4. John Armour (---)
5. R. Brennan (Lombardis)
1. Larry Nolan (USPS)
2. Steve Showler (Sunchase)
3. Glen Winkel (USPS)
4. Shane Clarke (S. Sierra Cyclist)
5. Ken Watkins (Kendall Jackson)

Women 3

Women Master

1. Rebecca Edwards (Cal Aggies)
2. Danielle Connolly (Team Devo)
1. Joy Shaffer (LGBRC)
2. Lesky Jensen (BBC)
3. Linda Locke (---)

Women 4

Cathy Crawford (Ibis)
2. Krista Panars (Velo Club)
3. Kim Hanson (---)

More Photos

Men's Pro 1/2 action Men's Pro 1/2 field
women1.jpg (34153 bytes)The ladies having some fun. The men taking the 180 degree right turn.
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