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1999 Wine Country Century
by the Santa Rosa Cycling Club

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If you rode the Century and want to leave any comments about it, E-Mail us.


After today's WCC, a large group of my friends from the Marin Cyclists (my former club) came up to me and were gushing with praise for this year's ride. Even though they ride the WCC year after year, they were extra impressed by the course markings, the support, the food and whole process this year. (I'm sure the weather didn't hurt.)

They made me promise that I'd pass their compliments along to the club, so I just did.

Oren Noah orennoah@inreach.com

Absolutely great job to the whole team today on putting on the 1999 Wine Century. The roads were really well marked, the rest stops were well manned, with great food (love the potatoes).

The high point of the trip for me was going out to the coast. The weather was clear (wow!), and relatively warm for the coast. Just before descending to Route 1, there was someone in a skeliton costume, with their face all done up like halloween. They were holding a 'SLOW!' sign. That really caught my attention, and I slowed down on the descent, something I don't normally do. I'm really glad that person was there, as the descent is really steep and the roads really bad. I was hard holding the road with the breaks on full. So THANKS!

The Wine Century this year was outstanding. You guys did a fantastic job with every aspect of it. So THANKS!

Dave Hartwell  IRideRoads@aol.com

This was the first time my wife and I did this ride, and the route and the support, was great. We intended to do the 63m*. One of the best Century rides we've been on.

*Our Club (the Delta Pedalers) had about 14 participants, and it was soooo cold in the morning that 3 of us drafted behind a bunch of tandems--lots of fun until we realized, somewhere up the hill past Graton, that we were on the 100m, not 63m ride, so we looped back through Forestville--totaled 81m. Probably we wouldn;t have appreciated the Hop Kiln rest stop after 13m, after 30 miles it was perfect!

Best, Jay Kleinwaks

Thanks! I had a great time and it really was my first century ever, and the longest distance ever. I know you special ordered the great weather from Mom Nature - nice going! Next time, can you ask Mom to flatten Chalk Hill, just for the day? Those were the best PB&J's I ever tasted.  I'll be back...

Elizabeth (Libby) Rouan  erouan@jps.net

These we taken just before Wohler Bridge

Judy Directing Traffic at Wohler BridgeRoger Making Sure the Bridge is Clear

Added 5/3/99
Wohler Bridge, Eastside Road and the Hop Kiln rest stop

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Mvc-027s.jpg (53600 bytes)Mvc-028s.jpg (45171 bytes)Mvc-029s.jpg (55292 bytes)Mvc-030s.jpg (53006 bytes)


Here are 31 of 50 photos from the ride - more will be added over the next few days.....

Click any photo for an enlargement

A cold, rainy morning back at work in Stockton is much easier to face after the wonderful biking event we participated in Saturday in Santa Rosa. It was our first Wine Country Century, and is a must repeat annually event for us!   The route was incredible - parts of N. California we did not know existed, and such beautiful winding roads through some of the lovliest country imaginable.

Great rest stops with friendly, helpful and cheerful volunteers......one accomodating gentleman at the 50 mile stop even made me a special order peanut butter sandwich (hold the jelly) and cut it meticulously into 4 triangles for me......all the easier to stuff it into my mouth. The post ride barbeque was a wonderful, relaxing time to meet and talk with other riders.....great idea, that barbequed turkey! Of course the picture perfect weather made the whole day a delight......All in all, just the greatest of days....all's right with the world and tough to think of a more enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.

My first century ride, and a great way to start!

Thank you to all your club members and volunteers for all the hard work I know must occur in order to pull off a class ride of this magnitude. You were gracious hosts and hostesses, and provided these Central Valley Flatlanders the best that your lovely part of the country has to offer.

Is the ride always the first Saturday in May? Want to pencil in next year's ride early and make a weekend of it.
Our thanks again,

Sarah & Jerry Solberg

I just wanted to thank the Santa Rosa Cycle Club for a great time last Saturday.  I drove up, from Los Angeles and it was completely worth the trip. Everything about the ride was prefect. Especially the SAG support. I diffidently plan on showing up again next year....Please arrange for another 75 degree day.

Vicki Adoff

This was the fifth century I've done in the last 2 years and by far the most outstanding as far as scenery, marking, and weather. You all did a great job putting this ride together. I most certainly will be back next year.

Dave Adams, Vacaville


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