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Sunday Oct 3, 1999
Hot Tomales Ride -  Alan & Sue
by BikeCal.com Editor

About 20 riders left the Cotati Vets this morning for a jaunt out to the Tomales bakery.  We had a nice cool layer of fog all the way out and about a third of the way back.  Not too hot like last weekend.

There were two tandems, some old veteran riders, some new riders, and even a few T-birds on this ride.  LaValle swears she saw  a dozen T-birds, but none of the rest of us did....

The selection of treats at the bakery was a little light today, but they did have cinnamon twists and foccacio bread (Jim enjoyed two of them).

A great ride in beautiful Sonoma County.

Additional information from John Jackson -


To those who were on the Tomales ride today.

Just a quick note that my friend Katya, who fell on Tomales Road coming back from Tomales, is fine after being checked out at Petaluma General. She sprained her knee, has some minor abrasion, and some good bumps, but is otherwise ok.

(We were going down the hill from Tomales and Alexander road, heading East, and Katya got a little too far to the right where there's no shoulder and caught the edge of the dirt and went down.)

It seemed a bit of a zoo at times -- between the CHP, 2 paramedic crews, fire truck, motorists who stopped and did first aid, and a neighbor on the adjacent farm who showed up minutes after the accident with ice and towels, the club members who stopped and then later brought my car down to Petaluma -- but it was great being supported and a big thanks to all.

John Jackson

Distance: 39.5 Miles
Time: 2 hr 58 Min
Elevation Gain: 1690'
Average: 15.7


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