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Wednesday, July 26, 2000
Santa Rosa Cycling Club

Wednesday Night Ride

Tonight 8 cyclist rode from the River Road park 'n' ride out to Hacienda Bridge and back, about 28 miles.  We had a little incident with an irate motorist who tried to go ballistic on us.

We were descending a hill and one of us was near the center line of the road while this guy was coming the opposite direction.  He slowed and honked his horn but we were not really in his lane.  This guy stopped, turned around and passed us.  Then he stopped in the middle of the road and hurled some foul-mouthed epithets at us for hogging the road.  "If I hit and killed one of you", he said, "I'd get sued for big bucks".  Wayne, our ride leader calmed him down and apologized if we had, in fact, been over the yellow line.  He commented that this had happened before while he was letting us ride in "his country on his roads".

We tried to explain that we had as much right to the road as he did and that we lived here too, but that was fruitless.  Finally he went on his way and we resumed the ride.

This is a perfect example of trying to get along with the motoring public (who think they own the roads).  See Bill Oetingers August column on this very subject.

The rest of the ride was un-eventful and quite pleasant.

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