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Thursday June 24, 1999
Thursday Night Ride
by BikeCal.com Editor

What beautiful country we have to ride in.  Tonight we rode from Santa Rosa out to Monte Rio on some of the greatest roads in the world with weather to match.  The scenery was outstanding and the group was pleasant.  We had riders off the front and the back, but managed to regroup enough to keep the ride together.

John, from Kendall-Jackson, toys with us (all in good fun) and we try to keep up with him (which is fruitless and impossible).

Some one locked his keys in his car before the ride (I won't mention his name to protect myself) and John Jackson was gracious to call AAA and get him going again after the ride.  It's amazing to me how easy a fricking tow-truck driver can get into a car.  It took all of twenty seconds.  Richard, you better get the "Club" for your Mercedes.

Oh yea!  Our wonderful ride leader (John Jackson) arrived with no front wheel and had to go home to get it while we all waited until 6:00 to get going.  I really can't say much since he did get me (er that rider) back into his locked car.

Distance: 28 Miles
Time: 1 hr 59 Min
Elevation Gain: 800'
Average: 15.8


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