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Friday, January 15, 1999
Santa Rosa Cycling Club


Lavalle - The Best!!!  and has cool shades too... by La Valle Linn

The chance of a little rain kept most Friday riders away from Mirabel Park and Ride this morning. Richard Winegarner and La Valle Linn were the only two to arrive; there haven’t been so few riders since the Christmas season.

The two of us had little difficulty on agreeing to ride over towards Willowside and Hall Roads where we hoped to meet the Friendly Friday group on its way to Graton. Not seeing anyone, we headed to Graton (it hadn’t rained yet, although the roads were damp) via the bike path off of Occidental Road. As we were finishing our coffee and tea, the Friendly Friday riders arrived at Willowside Market.

Chris Cleaveland was quite proud of her group of eight – no weather wimps amongst Gary and Linda Grayson, Roger and Sandy Karraker, Ed Ellington, Phil Grinton, and Bob MacDonald. After a short chit chat, Richard and La Valle left and returned to Mirabel via Green Valley, 116 and Martinelli. A very nice ride with no rain, although the mud along 116 between Green Valley and Martinelli was enough to leave the bicycles looking like their mountain bike cousins.

Chris and her group split up after leaving Graton with some heading straight back and others doing Laguna and Vine Hill. Great rides for all of us!

Next Friday – Healdsburg for both groups.
Fifth Friday – Sonoma (more details next week) for both groups

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