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Sunday, October 31, 1999
Halloween Brunch Ride - Martha Barton (leader)
by LaValle Linn

One advantage to having a ride start on the morning of the time change in the fall is that riders are an hour early rather than an hour late. Here’s the group that started Martha Barton’s Halloween Brunch Ride ……

(74364 bytes)Bruce, Jim, Terrence, Jim, Janet, Frank, Alan, Sue, Maury, Pete, Kathy Uta, Bill, Martha, David, Irene, Lahana, Seated....Ellen and Bill LaValle is taking the picture and a third Bill joined the group after the picture was taken.


This was a ride of threes… three Bills and three tandems. Frank and Ellen on their tandem were gracious enough to carry the camera out to Cazanoma Lodge where our group had lunch. Martha led us from Mirabel Park and Ride to Wohler Road, across the bridge and left on Westside Road. We regrouped at River and then proceeded west to Guerneville. Outside of town, some riders took Old Monte Rio Road while a few opted to take River and wait at the golf course for the others before proceeding on into Monte Rio. Once the group got to Austin Creek, Jim, Alan and Sue went back without going forth to party at the Lodge. 


(54955 bytes)Here are Bill, Uta, Lahana, Ellen, Frank and Bill getting ready to order from the brunch menu. 


(52015 bytes)Bruce, Terrence, Pete, Martha, Kathy and Maury were very patient while I took this picture, even pointing out I still had the lens cap on for the first  shot. 


(54711 bytes)Janet, Irene, David, Bill and Jim had to wait through several pictures. The 
empty chair is where I had brunch. 


After eating a very large meal, Martha and Lahana led back to Cazadero Road. We were all grateful for Maury and Kathy leading out on Cazadero and on into Duncan Mills and then back to Monte Rio on Moscow. Once into Guerneville, the group split up with some opting to rest their full stomachs and return directly to Mirabel without the ride up Mays Canyon and then over Martinelli. 

The whole day was beautiful, but these two sections of road had some of the most outstanding scenery Sonoma County has to offer. The leaves are turning a wonderful shade of yellow and with the crisp fall air, it is a biking heaven. 

Janet had the only flat of the day – Jim and Bill (okay Bill Dunn) jumped in and changed it for her. All in all, a great ride. Thank you, Martha!!!


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