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Friday, October 29, 1999
Friday Ride
by LaValle Linn

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Once in a blue moon, the Friday riders are treated to a fifth Friday which requires them to select a new venue (only the first four Fridays have identified starting points). Ed Ellington arranged for this month’s  fifth Friday to begin at Korbel Winery with the thought that all of us Friday riders could party in honor of several birthdays – Janice Eunice turned 60 in October, Dan Brown 70 and Ed, well Ed likes to party so this is the first of several for his 80th which is later in the year. The pictures that follow memorialize this first event.


Yes, we did ride. Some of us went out towards Duncan Mills (including the birthday boy, Ed; Janice and Dan had other commitments and couldn’t join their own party but we celebrated for them) and some of us headed towards Westside Road and Sweetwater Springs. Out on Sweetwater Springs, Doug’s seat  clamp bolt broke. After realigning his seat bag and assorted goodies, Doug had a flat and other tube problems, ending with his not getting to the party. Not to worry Doug, there will be another opportunity in December. Ed also had a flat. Gordon graciously fixed this in a jif. Speaking of Gordon, check out his headgear. (Picture 2) Yes, it was cold at the beginning of this ride. Gordon obviously wanted to avoid frostbite and set a new standard in ear and head protection!


Getting back to the party, Ed treated us very well – not only did he buy a case of champagne but he also poured for us! What a guy. Martha Barton was his able assistant. Martha had just gotten off duty as a tour guide for the Elder Hostel bicycling tour here in Sonoma County. As Martha recounts the week, she spent a great deal of time pouring wine for the participants, maybe even as much as leading them on their bike tours. Thank you Martha!


Here’s a table full of happy riders – left to right Colin, Kathy, Alice, Bob, and Phil.

Janice may have not been able to attend her own party, but her husband Michael (second from the left) saved her a place between himself and Jim, father to Gordon. Jim stokes for Gordon and the two of them can really move on that Specialized tandem! Bob joined the Friday riders last year and is seated to Michael’s left.



Rolf is entertaining a couple who were here on vacation from Maine and joined our Friday ride at Korbel and also the previous week in Healdsburg.


Well here’s a table of the usual suspects. Richard is seated at the right. Friday was Richard’s second ride since his accident this summer when he ended up in the hospital with pins sticking out of his arm and casts and all sorts of other medical accessories (he rode 10 miles with the last Thursday night ride of the summer just the day before). Fortunately, his legs were unscathed in the accident and he was able to spend the summer doing speed sprints on his trainer out on his deck overlooking West Dry Creek Road. Jim is to Richard’s right. Jim also turned 70 but he did that in September with his wife in Paris. Continuing on in this counterclockwise direction, Dick Cantor is standing against the railing. Dick had surgery earlier this year and has just recently rejoined the Friday rides. We’re all glad to see Dick back on the rides. Bill, Brian and Chris Cleveland complete the semi-circle.


This table of folks was most accommodating to the photographer, moving their chairs and enduring not one, not two, but three pictures. Thank you Linda, John, Joanne, Robert and Gary.

Brian must like to have his picture taken because here he is again with Eric, Lynn and Paul.


Chris and Bill have one last Happy Birthday picture with Ed.

All in all it was a great day for a ride and a wonderful way to spend time afterwards. Thank you Ed for hosting us to celebrate your birthday. We’re all looking forward to doing it again in December, closer to when you really will be turning 80. So between now and then, ride often and ride safely.


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