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Thursday Aug 26, 1999
Thursday Night Ride
by BikeCal.com Editor

Whey....it was hot tonight.  We left the River Road park-n-ride at 5:30 and it had to be 100+ degrees and muggy.  The first half of the ride was very hot, but the second half was much more tolerable.

41761 bytes
Richard and Wayne displaying the ex-ray of Richards elbow

xray  15312 bytes
See the pins in Richards elbow.  Looks like something from Star Wars.

Dave Smith and Cindy joined us on their tandem, Brian (a pastor from Guerneville), John Jackson, Wayne Kellam and I were there.  Richard Winegarner was there for the start, even-though he can't ride for another 12 weeks.  He picked-up his new wind trainer from Dave's Bikesport, delivered a six pack of beer to the workers at the poultry processing plant who helped after his crash and went to the gym to ride the stationary bike while we were riding.  He was back at 7:30 for the after ride meal.

Do you ever wonder what those crazed drivers yell at you when they pass by?  Tonight there were three yell-ers and we couldn't makes sense of what they were saying.  I think they were encouraging us to use all the road and just take our time while blocking THEIR road (yea right).

Distance: 28.0 Miles
Time: 1 hr 58 Min
Elevation Gain: 830'
Average: 15.1


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