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Thursday July 29, 1999
Thursday Night Ride
by BikeCal.com Editor
8/5/99 - From Molly Miller

So Richard,

Doesn't this put you ahead of LaValle in ambulance trips? Why don't you both call a truce and promise never to need another ride in an ambulance again?

Glad you are feeling better.


P.S. Did you have more road rash than your driver?

8/5/99 - From Richard

I just finished my 4th ambulence ride in a week. This one was 0.1 miles each way. Before that can let me escape they needed one more set of back X-rays. Since I'm up and walking about, it would have been faster to walk. At least the ambulance driver was cute and showed me the road rash on her elbows to let me know she was a cyclist. With any luck I'll be out tomorrow.

8/3/99 - From Lavalle

I went to see Richard this morning at Memorial Hospital. The "plan" is that he'll be moved to North Coast Rehab some time this afternoon because the doctors and insurance company have decided he doesn't need "acute" care. This will probably be via ambulance because he's still not moving without back spasms. His left arm and elbow will be in a cast for three weeks. In spite of all of this, his spirits are good. As I was leaving Jim and Joyce Williams had dropped in to say hello and wish him well.

7/30/99 4:30 PM

Hi folks,

I just got back from visiting Richard at Sutter Hospital. He is in his usual good spirits and says he doesn't feel much pain. He says his shoulder turned out to be alright, but his left elbow was broken in three places, and he went through reconstructive surgery early this morning. He will be sent home in a cast tomorrow, but no word yet on how long he will have to be off his bike.

I encouraged him to come to the next club meeting so everyone could hear how he was doing, and he thought he might be able to do that. He's not sure exactly where the crash was, but it was somewhere off Middle Two-Rock...maybe Eucalyptus (BikeCal.com note: he was descending on Middle Two Rock headed northwesterly after the climb from Eucalyptus - near the poultry processing plant). He hit a bump or a pot hole on a downhill, and as his weight went forward, the rear wheel left the ground and swung around to the side, resulting in a tumble.

Everyone on the Friday Ride this morning signed a card wishing Richard a speedy recovery, and I think it would be nice if others of you could drop him an e-mail. It will be awhile before he can ride with us and he will be sorely missed...

Wendy Page

7/30/99 Update

I spoke to Richards wife this morning who said he spent the night at Sutter Hospital.  Richard broke his elbow in three places and had surgery this morning at 7:00 AM.  He also dislocated his shoulder in the fall.  He will probably be coming home later today.

Get well soon, Richard......

We did a Cotati ride tonight starting from the Cotati Veterans Memorial building out to Two Rock and back.  The ride started un-eventful, but on Middle Two Rock road, Richard Winegarner took a spill coming down the hill about half-way between Eucalyptus and Bodega Highway.  Wayne Kellam was the closest to him but no one actually saw his fall.  He just said he was descending and the rear wheel passed the front wheel, landing on his shoulder and head.

We called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital with an injured shoulder and road rash on his elbow and both knees.  I really don't know any more at this time, but we wish him the best.

Makes you realize how important a helmet is when you are out riding your bike.

Thanks to Wayne, Jacques and Robert for assisting.  I'll pass on any further info when it's available.

Distance: 20.2 Miles
Time: ? hr ? Min
Elevation Gain: 1010'
Average: 14.2


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