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Saturday July 10, 1999
Sebastopol To The Sea - Wendy Page
by BikeCal.com Editor

Wendy lead a moderate ride today from Ragle Park in Sebastopol, through Occidental and Coleman Valley and then back to Sebastopol.  There were about 11 riders there, a mix of moderates and some brisk cyclists.

On the second of the two major climbs on Coleman Valley Road we were passed by a pickup truck towing a hot dog trailer (it said in big letters "Hot Dogs" on it).  When John Jackson saw that, he immediately began sprinting after it.  Apparently he really wanted a hot dog.  We yelled-out the normal "Red Hots! - Get Your Red Hots Here" but he just kept on sprinting trying to catch the hot dog wagon.  It was really amusing.

Just a sort time later, while climbing the last steep section of Coleman Valley (just east of the Wine Country rest stop), Gary Grayson was kind enough to tell us that the incline was 17%.  Thanks a bunch Gary, we really didn't need to know.........

The fog had cleared in Sebastopol before we left but was still present at the beach when we reached Highway 1.  It gave some of us a much needed cooling-off, while others put on their jackets to stay warm.

We stopped at the new bakery in Freestone on the way back.  Pretty nice place with seating both inside and out.  The baked goods were tasty, too.  Then it was back to Ragle Park.  Very nice ride with a good group and of course beautiful Sonoma County countryside to appreciate.

Distance: 34.8 Miles
Time: 3 hr 28 Min
Elevation Gain: 3130'
Average: 13.2
(Stats for me and I didn't do the last Barnett Valley Loop)


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