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Sunday May 2, 1999
SRCC Sunday Workers Ride
by Emilio

When I woke up on Sunday, it was raining but I could see clear skies out west. When we got the ride underway (at around 9:30) it was sunny if windy and it looked pretty good. Being the smart rider that I am, I did not bring raingear or arm warmers... Anyway, we all battled a pretty hard headwind all the way to Geyserville (who had the dumb idea of doing the course backward anyway....), riding mostly behind Maury and Kathy on the tandem.

A group did Canyon Rd and another group did Dutcher Creek and we all regrouped at Wohler bridge for a very welcome lunch stop organized by Doug and manned by Jim (Thank you again!). Rich and Wendy joined us as well as they drove back from the Grizzly peak century where it was pouring.  By now those who had appropriate clothing were fine while others where shivering. We got going again and at Monte Rio, after a brief stop, Rich, Doug, Lou and myself decided to go for the 200k which would include Coleman valley. We started heading toward the coast but it started raining fairly hard so we decided to turn around. Being total wimps (Doug was the only one man enough to go up trough Occidental), we went straight back on River Road

At the end we hung out for a while in the party van....where we heard from Joyce that LaValle and Janet where still out there because they wanted to have 100 miles on their odometer...

Now, if I could only get the same amount of motivation these women have.....


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