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Saturday April 24, 1999
SRCC  Ride - Lake County Double Metric
by  Emilio Castelli  emilio@metro.net

8 courageous riders (Lavalle, Linda, Joyce, Alan, Bill, Syd Rich and myself) showed up at 8 am (some were a bit late...) on the gorgeous  morning of Saturday to partake in the classic Rich's lake county double metric.

While most riders started with windbreakers or arm covers, most were down to shorts and jersey before we even got to the first climb; what a great day to work on our bicycling tans!

Ida Clayton and its treacherous unpaved descent (Western Mine) was passed with only a minor problem at Rich's spokes and everyone regrouped in Middletown. A rider was seen using a cellular phone to reassure her honey that the treacherous unpaved downhill had indeed been past and she was still alive and well.

All day we had beautiful views of the lake and snow capped mountains in the background. In Kelseyville the ladies of the group showed us the true meaning of lunch stop and refueling...It's unbelievable the amount of food they managed to consume at this stop. Where does it all go?

Anyway, after Hopland grade we had the nasty surprise of a very strong headwind which certainly did not help on the way in. Honeys had to be alerted that indeed we were not going to make it in time for that party...Due to repeated dilly dallying we pulled in very late in the parking lot and I could not stay for the traditional wine tasting at the end.

A great day was had by all.


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