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Sunday April 18, 1999
Velo Club Miwok Ride
by BikeCal.com Editor

Velo Club Miwok Group - Click for an enlargement
Velo Club Miwok - (L-R) Nancy, Rawls, Art, Jess, Dennis, Jim, Tim, Susan, Jeff

I rode with the Velo Club Miwok today.  We started at Walnut Park in Petaluma and went out to the Tomales Bakery (boy do they have good cinnamon twists) and back Chileno Valley Rd. to the start.

The Santa Rosa Club also had a ride starting from Walnut Park at 9:00 AM and we were all at the bakery at about the same time.  Gratefully, the SRCC'ers didn't eat all the food..........

Another beautiful spring day (we haven't had many of them lately) to ride and a very friendly group of moderate riders.  Jeff Brooks was the ride leader and he did a great job of looking after everyone.  We re-grouped, when necessary, which makes for a better ride when there is someone else to ride with.

The highlight of the ride was a little incident on Tomales Road just after leaving the bakery.  Three riders, Rawls, Jess & Jeff, were just ahead of me when a very slow-moving dump truck pulled onto the road.  The truck was from one of the local ranches and was full of smelly manure.  The riders and truck were both going the same speed but unfortunately the riders were behind and couldn't pass.  Reminded me of that TV commercial for auto spark plugs where the guy and his girlfriend are behind a truck full of pigs, he can't pass because he bought the wrong spark plugs and the roadsign says "No passing next 32 miles" anyway.  Thankfully, the odoriferous truck turned-off soon after and all was well again.

Thank VCM for a great ride.

Addendum by Rawls Frazier (VCM)
Jeff had a great turn out for this ride - Art, Dennis, Jess, Jim, Rawls, Susan and Tim as well as visitors Nancy, up from Marin County and Tom, from the Santa Rosa Cyclists (he's also the keeper of the great cycling web site, bikecal.com - check it out!).

Besides our group at the start in Walnut Park, there was a good size contingent of Santa Rosa Cyclists. Although their route was different from ours, we were both headed for Tomales and the pastry shop. The question loomed - would there be any goodies left if they got there before us? Suitable challenged, we rode off seeking our destiny - er, pastry. As we crossed Hwy 1 onto Whittaker Bluff, the siren calls of cinnamon pastries could be heard. Spurred onward, we rode, but, alas, we entered town to find the place overrun with the SR folks. Luckily, we were able to shoulder our way through the crowd and commandeer the last cinnamon twists in the place - ah, they were sweet.

While the other group headed out for the Marshall wall, we  went on to Chileno Valley. Don't know how the hill pounding was for the other guys, but we hitched the finest tailwind any of us could remember on this road back to Petaluma. Super ending to a super ride.

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