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Thursday April 15, 1999
Santa Rosa Cycling Club
Regular Thursday Ride
by BikeCal.com Editor

Tom, Wayne, Robin and JohnThe first Thursday Night Ride of the season was one to remember.  The weather has postponed the rides for the past two weeks, but really cooperated tonight with 80 degrees to start and no wind (or rain).   We gathered at Willowside School and rode the Sebastopol bike path to Mill Station Road, up Green Valley, down Occidental Road, through Sebastopol and on the Joe Rodota bike path back to Santa Rosa.

RobinWe started with five riders but Emilio had to be home early and only rode part way (amazingly, he didn't have any mechanicals).  So our ride leaders, John and Wayne, lead Robin and Tom (me) on a great Sonoma County ride.  I was surprised there weren't more riders with the great weather we had, but I'm sure attendance will pickup in the coming weeks.

The only down-side to a nice ride were the bugs.  A little heat and they come out like, well..... bugs!  Riding the Joe Rodota Trail was pretty bad.  You had to keep your mouth shut, or get a mouth-full of nasty tasting black bugs.  The odor near the Laguna was not too pleasant either.......they were irrigating with recycled water and the smell was bad.

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