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Sunday April 4, 1999
Santa Rosa Cycling Club
Wayne's Napa Valley Ride
by Bill Oetinger  srcc@ap.net from the club mailer & Wendy Page

Without wishing to start a range war, I would like to say that--in retrospect--those who chose to ride in Pope Valley on Sunday rather than on King Ridge on Saturday, made the right choice. (I know some of you had Easter committments on Sunday and didn't really have a choice, but we did, and we're glad we chose Sunday.

I'm quite sympathetic for those poor souls who got out on the ridgeline in winds that were over 50-mph. Must have been rather exhausting. LaValle--that cycling animal--showed up on both rides, and reported on the hard times on Saturday.

We had nearly perfect conditions on Sunday. A bit of wind and a bit colder than might be ideal, but such an improvement on recent weather that we felt blessed. Stolzman and I added some miles by starting in Yountville and then also doing the Aetna Springs out-&-back, which gave us a total of exactly 60 miles and exactly 3000' of climb...just about exactly what we wanted out of the day.

Even without massive displays of wildflowers--which were somewhat missing--it was still a day of superb scenery, from beginning to end.

Any comments from Saturday's windigo gang? Just how bad was it?

Actually, King Ridge Rd wasn't so bad...since there was no traffic, it didn't matter when the gusts blew my bike five feet across the road.

Hwy 1 was another story. The 30 mile tailwinds were GREAT as long as I was on the straight stretches headed directly away from the wind, but on a few of those curvy sections I was VERY thankful there didn't happen to be a car coming up just then. But I must say the visibility was spectacular and the company wonderful!...Wendy

P.S. I am now much better at dodging branches and flying pine cones : )


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