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Sunday, March 7, 1999

Santa Rosa Cycling Club

Free Lunch Rides

Riders getting readyChuck and Joanne getting readyThe annual Free Lunch Rides was today, beginning in Healdsburg.  If you attended the club meeting in February and stamped and affixed labels to our Wine Country Century fliers, you got a token for a free lunch at El Sombrero.

The weather finally cooperated, with sunny skies and a little north breeze (no rain after 6 consecutive weekends of rain).  The brisk riders took-off first followed by the moderates and then the leisurely riders, hoping for all three rides to end at about the same time for lunch.

We headed up West Dry Creek, one of the best roads in Sonoma County.  It has mountains on one side and vineyards on the other.  In a month or two, after it warms-up a bit, it is the prettiest road around.  After going up and over Canyon Road to Geyserville, we headed south, with a nice tail-wind.  The moderates were doing 24 MPH, so the brisk riders must have been flying through here.

Then it was back to Healdsburg (Fitch Mtn loop for the frisky brisk group) and some burritos.  Just a wonderful ride and day, especially after recent weekends of rain and cold temperatures.

At El Sombrero Bill, I think Love those burritos
Those burritos really taste good after some morning riding. I think this is Bill Oetinger heading back into town.   He's the ride director Jim and Richard enjoying the burritos with Maury in the background


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