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Longo's long trail to gold

TREVISO, Italy, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Jeannie Longo still yearns to be a golden girl, 19 years after she took her first world championship medals.

The Frenchwoman, 41 at the end of the month, seeks to regain the world elite time trial crown on Tuesday, the second day of the world road championships.

After a golden treble in this event she was dethroned at Valkenburg last year by Dutchwoman Leontien van Moorsel.

Now Jeannie chases her ninth gold medal from road championships, her 13th world title on track and road, to add to a tally that includes Olympic gold and silver, more than 30 French titles, and 29 world records.

Last year's championships was her first without a world medal since 1991, but her quest to retake the title is in question in the presence of defending champion van Moorsel and Olympic time trial champion Zoulfia Zabirova.

It is not just the lure of gold that has kept Jeannie going since her first world appearance in 1979.

``I am with a team of young French girls, and with my experience I am teaching them racing. Riding with them I have to be competitive because they push me. So they are my motivation to race.

``I have ridden some good time trials this year, and I hope to be in the medals but there are three or four girls who are really good and difficult to beat. The course is so flat, too. However I shall be trying, and why not?''

The championships open on Monday with the junior women's time trial over a circuit of 11.1 kilometres, starting and finishing inside the walled Veneto town.

Later on Monday Italy seek to recapture the under-23 men's title they lost to Norway's Thor Hushovd. Their circuit covers 33.25 kilometres.

The elite women's time trial follows the junior men's championship on Tuesday, and Wednesday sees the elite men's race where the favourite is Germany's Jan Ullrich, winner of the Tour of Spain a week ago.

Chausson is Golden in Are!
Down Hill World Championships
Are, Sweden
September 18, 1999

On a course that could only be described as unraceable, Volvo/Cannondale's  Anne-Caroline Chausson proved that she is able to win in any conditions. As  the rain continued to pour down, making the "extreme" 3-kilometer course the worse conditions in World Championship history, Chausson won her fourth consecutive World Championship title.

Volvo/Cannondale's Chausson "rode safe as not to crash because that is where you lose more time." In fact, Chausson,racing for her French National Team, was the only competitor to remain in the saddle throughout the race. The mud made the peddling sections of the race extremely difficult and even the World Champion Chausson felt the effort in her legs by the finish, "my legs were gone by the end." Her intense mental and physical effort paid off, although not without Finland's Katja Repo's ride making for a nail biting finish.  After Chausson laid down the time of 5:52:26 she had to wait until Repo crossed the line before her World Champion status was confirmed. Repo nearly upset Chausson's perfect World Championship history, but a slide on one of the technical sections at the top of the course cost Repo the race. She crossed the finish 1:61 behind Chausson for the Silver medal. This is Chausson's seventh World Championship title; starting in 1993 Chausson won her first Junior World Championship and she has yet to be dethroned; and, the queen of Downhill looks to continue her reign for another year. 

Switzerland's nineteen-year-old Sari Jorgenson took the bronze medal,  finishing 15:71 seconds down on Chausson.

In the men's race France's Nicolas Vouilloz added another World Championship  jersey to his rainbow collection. The troublesome rain eased in the men's race for the last twenty competitors, although the mud and deep ruts between the roots and rocks still caused problems. Volvo/Cannondale's Cedric Gracia finished the race in fifth, 11:76 behind winner Vouilloz. Vouilloz came into the race having won the preliminary rounds and thus was seated first with Gracia being seated fourth. Gracia and Vouilloz, normally rivals, both raced for the French National Team in Saturday's Downhill. The French claimed three of the top five places in the race with Mickael Pascard taking the Silver Medal. 

Women's Results:
1 CHAUSSON Anne-Caroline FRA 5:52.26 
2 REPO Katja FIN 5:53.87 1.61 
3 JORGENSEN Sari SUI 6:07.98 15.71 
4 DONOVAN Leigh USA 6:10.32 18.06 
5 MOSELEY Tracy GBR 6:11.31 19.04 

6 STREB Marla USA 6:13.20 20.93 
7 SANER Marielle SUI 6:18.45 26.19 
8 LINDGREN Malin SWE 6:23.84 31.57 
9 VAN MEERBECK Karen GBR 6:26.40 34.13 
10 LLANES Tara USA 6:28.85 36.59

Men's Results:
1 VOUILLOZ Nicolas FRA 5:03.49 
2 PASCAL Mickael FRA 5:09.91 6.41 
3 CARTER Eric USA 5:11.37 7.88 
4 VAZQUEZ David ESP 5:14.11 10.62 
5 GRACIA Cedric FRA 5:15.26 11.76 

6 ERIKSSON Kristian SWE 5:16.29 12.79 
7 PALMER Shaun USA 5:16.55 13.06 
8 BAREL Fabien FRA 5:16.69 13.20 
9 CARRICK-A. Crawford GBR 5:18.39 14.90 
10 DELDYCKE Mickael FRA 5:18.39 14.90

14 Engstrom, Johan GER 5:21.85 15:53
23 Lopes, Brian USA 5:26.62 23:13

Honchar wins Grand Prix des Nations

FORGES-LES-EAUX, France, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Leading placings in the Grand Prix des Nations cycling time trial over 71-kms on Saturday: 

1. Sergi Honchar (Ukraine) Vini Caldirola One hour 28 min and 40 secs 
2. Chris Boardman (Britain) Credit Agricole six secs behind 
3. Jens Voigt (Germany) Credit Agricole 32 secs
4.Beat Zberg (Switzerland) Rabobank 1:38
5. Gilles Maignan (France) Casino 1:43

6. Michael Rich (Germany) Gerolsteiner 2:23
7. Christophe Moreau (France) Festina 3:06
8. Arturas Kasputis (Lithuania) Casino 3:20
9. Alberto Martinez (Spain) Euskatel 3:21 
10.Brad McGee (Australia) Francaise des Jeux 3:54 

Sep 13, 1999     Trans-Canada Cycling Tour: Stage 10 September 12, 1999  Fort Erie time trial (25.4km)

An incredible finish to the Trans-Canada Cycling Tour! The day was absolutely perfect in Fort Erie for the grande finale to the Trans-Canada Tour. Weather conditions were approx 25 degrees C , sunny, cloudless skies and near windless conditions. A dream finish for Guido Trentin, who took over the red leader jersey in Fort Erie today clinching the Tour victory. A sadder day for Jean-Cyril Robin (La Fran�aise des Jeux) who went into today's stage with a 27 second lead overall and ended with a 23 second deficit to Guido Trentin (Vini Caldirola - Sidermec).

Across the river from Buffalo, New York, USA and a few meters from historic 19th century Fort Erie, the 77 remaining riders from the original 96 starters of the first edition of the Trans-Canada Tour started at noon. The flat race course followed the shore of the Lake Erie and then the Niagara river for a 25.4 km out and back course.

The riders started the TT in reverse order of general classification one minute apart and the last ten riders starting at two minute intervals. Italian Guido TRENTIN of the Vini Caldirola - Sidermec team started second to last and rode from the start at a pace that steadily eroded away the lead of Robin. At the halfway time check he had reclaimed 15 seconds and became race leader on the road by the 20 km point. Robin appeared to ride strongly in defense of his red leader jersey but succumbed to the superior time trial talent of Trentin.

The winner of the stage was Michael Rich (Gerosteiner) who put up a wonderful +50km/h performance to eclipse Jan Hruska. There was a few more shuffles on the top ten positions after the outcome of the TT but the holders of the other jerseys remained the same. Michael Barry of Saturn remained best Canadian rider although he slipped from 7th to 10th overall.

The final classifications winners of the Trans-Canada Cycling Tour are:

Red Jersey- Tour Winner: Guido TRENTIN of Vini Caldirola - Sidermec

Green Jersey - Best Sprinter: Gordon FRASER of Mercury

Blue jersey (actually a white jersey covered with small fleur de lis al a polka dot style) for Best climber: Scott GUYTON of Linda McCartney

Orange jersey for Best North American rider: Christopher HORNER of La Fran�aise des Jeux

Best team: La Fran�aise des Jeux

A probable date for the second edition of the race in 2000 for the Tour Trans-Canada is 1-10 September. Cities in Qu�bec, Ontario and the Maritimes, are on the potential course consideration with the exact race course to be announced in the spring of 2000.

A wonderful race and hopefully the first of many more editions. Forward to next year's race and the year 2000!

Stage 10 - FORT ERIE Time Trial
Dist. : 25.40 Km - Average speed: 50.270 KM/H - Time: 00:30:19.14

1 55 RICH Michael GST GER :00.00
2 93 HRUSKA Jan WUS CZE :10.92
3 74 *LEIPHEIMER Levy SAT USA :28.54
4 114 NEWTON Christopher LMR GBR :40.15
5 23 TRENTIN Guido VIN ITA :49.77

6 154 *WOHLBERG Eric CAN CAN :59.25
7 76 *WALTON Brian SAT CAN 1:03.80
8 52 WALZER Andreas GST GER 1:04.55
9 33 *HORNER Christopher FDJ USA 1:10.26
10 3 HOSTE Leif MAP BEL 1:14.02

11 62 BOSCARDIN Bruno POS SUI 1:27.10
12 15 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP 1:27.76
13 81 CALI Vincent HOM FRA 1:32.30
14 5 *RODRIGUEZ Fred MAP USA 1:36.07
15 152 *PERRAS Dominique CAN CAN 1:37.65

Overall FINAL general Classification
Dist.: 1481.20 Km - Average speed: 42.730 KM/H

1 23 TRENTIN Guido VIN ITA 34:39:57 :00
2 32 ROBIN Jean Cyril FDJ FRA 34:40:20 :23
3 81 CALI Vincent HOM FRA 34:41:13 1:16
4 33 *HORNER Christopher FDJ USA 34:41:35 1:38
5 3 HOSTE Leif MAP BEL 34:41:51 1:54

6 55 RICH Michael GST GER 34:44:05 4:08
7 5 *RODRIGUEZ Fred MAP USA 34:44:43 4:46
8 15 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP 34:44:57 5:00
9 65 SCHNIDER Daniel POS SUI 34:44:59 5:02
10 72 *BARRY Michael SAT CAN 34:45:07 5:10

11 152 *PERRAS Dominique CAN CAN 34:45:08 5:11
12 91 ANDRLE Rene WUS CZE 34:47:19 7:22
13 24 FOIS Valentino VIN ITA 34:47:35 7:38
14 16 LEON MANE Francisco KEL ESP 34:47:43 7:46
15 4 NOCENTINI Rinaldo MAP ITA 34:47:48 7:51

16 56 TEUTENBERG Sven GST GER 34:49:03 9:06
17 35 MICHAELSEN Lars FDJ DEN 34:49:19 9:22
18 155 *WALTERS Mark CAN CAN 34:50:18 10:21
19 53 ORDOWSKI Volker GST GER 34:50:23 10:26
20 25 SIRONI Gianluca VIN ITA 34:50:26 10:29

Sep 12, 1999     Trans-Canada Cycling Tour:

Stage 9 September 11, 1999 Hamilton-Niagara Falls (133km) Once again, in a sprint...

Niagara Falls, September 11, 1999- Gordon FRASER did it again, this time with world renowned Niagara Falls as the backdrop for his performance. A very fast 9th stage for the 86 racers that competed from Hamilton to Niagara Falls, a distance of 133.5 km. With an average of 46 km/h during the first two hours of the race.

In the last 50 km. Mercury, the American Team went all out for the Canadian athlete from Nepean Ontario, and led him to victory at the finish line. A remarkable effort by team mates Thurlow ROGERS, John PETERS, Michael SAYERS, Scott MONINGER and Derek BOUCHARD-HALL.

This was Gordon FRASER's 5th stage win, the third in a row. His performances have more than confirmed his title of the best sprinter jersey for the first edition of the Trans-Canada Cycling Tour.

Gordon Fraser has now accumulated 25 race wins in the 1999 cycling season.

Dist. : 133.50 Km - Average speed: 46.380 KM/H - Time: 02:52:43

1 FRASER Gordon MCT CAN :00
2 CAPELLE Ludovic HOM BEL :00
5 VENTURA Robbie SAT USA :00

9 JEUNE Raphael FRA FRA :00
10 FOIS Valentino VIN ITA :00

11 BEUCHAT Roger POS SUI :00
12 HEULE Christian ERI SUI :00
13 KONECNY Tomas WUS CZE :00
14 BENETEAU Walter FRA FRA :00
15 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP :00

Overall after stage 9

1 ROBIN Jean Cyril FDJ FRA 34:08:22 :00
2 TRENTIN Guido VIN ITA 34:08:49 :27
3 CALI Vincent HOM FRA 34:09:22 1:00
4 HORNER Christopher FDJ USA 34:10:06 1:44
5 HOSTE Leif MAP BEL 34:10:18 1:56

6 SCHNIDER Daniel POS SUI 34:12:23 4:01
7 BARRY Michael SAT CAN 34:12:24 4:02
8 RODRIGUEZ Fred MAP USA 34:12:48 4:26
9 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP 34:13:11 4:49
10 PERRAS Dominique CAN CAN 34:13:12 4:50

Sep 11, 1999   
Latvia's Vainsteins wins Paris-Brussels classic

BRUSSELS, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Latvia's Romans Vainsteins won the 260-km Paris-Brussels classic on Saturday, outsprinting Switzerland's Beat Zberg after the two riders had broken away from the pack.

Vainsteins, who rides for Italy's Vini Caldirola team, has had a number of successes this year, including winning a stage of the Giro d'Italia in May.

Two of the race favourites, Belgium's Johan Museeuw and Italy's Mirko Celestino, chose the famous Alsemberg hill, about 36 kms from the finish, for a break but their efforts proved largely unsuccessful.

Zberg launched the decisive attack with about 18 kms left. Vainsteins quickly caught him and the two riders took turns at the front.

With about 200 metres left, Vainsteins seized his chance and left Zberg in his wake to become the first Latvian winner of the race.

Italy's Fabio Baldato, of the Ballan-Alessio team, was third.

Trans-Canada Cycling Tour: Stage 8 - Friday, September 10 1999 Stage 8 Vaughn-Hamilton (184km)
Trans-Canada Cycling Tour:
"Flash" Gordon Fraser does the Quad!

Hamilton, September 10- Under sunny skies, 88 racers left Vaughan (just north of Toronto) for Hamilton. The 145.6 km 8th stage of the race was won by FLASH Gordon (Gordon FRASER, Mercury cycling team). So far, FRASER, a native of Nepean, Ontario (near Ottawa), has won 4 of the 8 stages of the first Trans-Canada Tour.

Shortly after the feeding zone Eric Wohlberg of Canada's national team broke away from the peloton at km 91 to be caught up with by Jan HRUSKA (W�stenrot-ZVVZ) at km 100. Together, over undulating terrain they increased their lead up to 2 minutes 40 seconds. But from km 115, their lead was gradually eroded as the race frequently changed direction cris-crossing the hilly roads of the Niagara Escarpment region.

To reduce the gap between the break and the pack, Mapei Quick-Step and Mercury cycling team worked together during the closing kilometers to pull the break back and thus prepare the final sprint for their designated men, Fred RODRIGUEZ (Mapei- last stage winner) and Gordon FRASER (Mercury).

The combination of hilly terrain and teamwork of the chasers meant that the two man break was finally overtaken by the charging peloton just as they passed under the last km marker.

The teamwork proved successful for Mercury as Gordon Fraser crossed the finish line first in front of TEUTENBERG (Gerolsteiner) and CHRISTEN (Post Swiss). Fred RODRIGUEZ (Mapei) challenged strongly in the sprint but then faded just before the line to finish 5th.

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 11, the penultimate 9th stage takes place on the roads from Hamilton to Niagara Falls. The 133.5 km stage will end with the Niagara Falls in the background. There are 86 racers left out of 96 at the start from Qu�bec city. Look for action again as the last road stage provides a final chance to make serious time gains for those with overall classification aspirations.

Sunday Sept 12, in Fort Erie, Ontario the riders will complete the Trans-Canada Cycling Tour with a 25.4 km Time Trial which could make for an interesting development in the final result.

Dist. : 145.60 Km - Average speed: 42.100 KM/H - Time: 03:27:30

1 FRASER Gordon MCT CAN :00
4 CAPELLE Ludovic HOM BEL :00

7 VENTURA Robbie SAT USA :00
9 HEULE Christian ERI SUI :00

11 RUTIMANN Stefan VIN SUI :00
12 JEUNE Raphael FRA FRA :00
14 FOIS Valentino VIN ITA :00
15 BILEK Jaroslav WUS CZE :00

Overall after Stage 8

1 ROBIN Jean Cyril FDJ FRA 31:15:39 :00
2 TRENTIN Guido VIN ITA 31:16:06 :27
3 CALI Vincent HOM FRA 31:16:39 1:00
4 HORNER Christopher FDJ USA 31:17:23 1:44
5 HOSTE Leif MAP BEL 31:17:35 1:56

6 SCHNIDER Daniel POS SUI 31:19:40 4:01
7 BARRY Michael SAT CAN 31:19:41 4:02
8 RODRIGUEZ Fred MAP USA 31:20:05 4:26
9 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP 31:20:28 4:49
10 PERRAS Dominique CAN CAN 31:20:29 4:50

Trans-Canada Cycling Tour: Stage 7 - Thursday, September 9 1999
Stage 7 Kingston-Port Hope (184km)
Trans-Canada Cycling Tour:
Fred RODRIGUEZ of Mapei-Quick Step the Quickest!

Oshawa, September 9, 1999 - Under cloudy skies and with humid conditions, the 7th stage of the Trans-Canada Tour saw 89 racers undertake the 184 km course from Kingston to Port Hope.

The course today was more or less flat as it traversed the northern shoreline of Lake Ontario. The result was that the peloton rolled together and reached the finish intact. The US rider Fred RODRIGUEZ, of the Italian team Mapei Quick Step, held off the last minute charge in the sprint finish by the Australian David MCKENZIE of the Linda McCartney Racing Team and the Canadian Gordon FRASER from Mercury Cycling Team. It was RODRIGUEZ's first win on Canadian soil covering 184 km in 4 hours 33 minutes and 07 seconds.

After 7 stages covering 1176 km, the standings for the various jersey competitions remains the same. With only 3 stages left in the tour, the red jersey of the leader is still worn by Jean-Cyril ROBIN ( La Fran�aise des Jeux), the green jersey for the best sprinter belongs to Gord FRASER (Mercury), the white and blue jersey for the KOM ( King Of Mountain) is carried by Scott GUYTON (Linda McCartney) and the orange jersey for the best North American remains in the hands of Christopher Horner (La Fran�aise des Jeux).

Result: Stage 7 - KINGSTON-PORT HOPE
Dist. : 184.00 Km - Average speed: 40.420 KM/H - Time: 04:33:07

3 FRASER Gordon MCT CAN :00
5 GUYTON Scott LMR NZL :00
8 GEROSA Mauro MAP ITA :00
10 CASPER Jimmy FDJ FRA :00
11 CAPELLE Ludovic HOM BEL :00
12 HEULE Christian ERI SUI :00
13 BARRY Michael SAT CAN :00
14 JEUNE Raphael FRA FRA :00
15 FOIS Valentino VIN ITA :00

Overall after Stage 7:

1 ROBIN Jean Cyril FDJ FRA 27:48:09 :00
2 TRENTIN Guido VIN ITA 27:48:36 :27
3 CALI Vincent HOM FRA 27:49:09 1:00
4 HORNER Christopher FDJ USA 27:49:53 1:44
5 HOSTE Leif MAP BEL 27:50:05 1:56
6 SCHNIDER Daniel POS SUI 27:52:10 4:01
7 BARRY Michael SAT CAN 27:52:11 4:02
8 RODRIGUEZ Fred MAP USA 27:52:35 4:26
9 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP 27:52:58 4:49
10 PERRAS Dominique CAN CAN 27:52:59 4:50

Trans-Canada Cycling Tour: Stage 6 - Wednesday, September 8 1999
Stage 6 Hull/Ottawa-Kingston (205km)
A Hat Trick of stages... for Gordon "FLASH GORDON" Fraser

Kingston, September 8 1999- The Trans-Canada Cycling Tour moved on from the province of Quebec and through Ontario despite continuing rain and the length of this stage. Although this was the longest stage of the tour it turned out to have the fastest average speed of the tour so far.

This 6th stage of 205 km, from Hull/Ottawa-Kingston, was a Canadian show again at the finish with Gordon Fraser (Mercury) taking his third win of the tour in a four man sprint finish from the German Sven TEUTENBERG (Gerolsteiner) and US rider and Mercury team-mate Derek BOUCHARD-HALL.

89 riders headed out in the rain from the start line towards Kingston some five hours distant... and hopefully looking for some sunshine.

A group of 13 riders quickly took the lead but this breakaway group could not seem to settle into working together and when the lead on the peloton stopped increasing, four riders took charge: 2 from Gerolsteiner Team Michael RICH and Sven TEUTENBERG) and 2 from the Mercury Team (Derek BOUCHARD-HALL and Gordon FRASER). They probably had the best reasons to team up. RICH could hope to move up in the overall standing and wear the red jersey that goes to the leader. FRASER, double stage winner so far and very unlucky the previous day because of a fall followed by technical problem, wanted a little revenge...

Of the remaining riders in the initial 13 man break, three mounted a pursuit of the four and the others drifted back to the main peloton. By the 84km mark the main group containing former race leader Lars MICHAELSEN (La Fran�aise des Jeux) and current leader team-mate ROBIN was at a 12:36 deficit.

At the 100 km point the MICHAELSEN group began to seriously work to chase down the break. The four riders in the race lead never let up and despite the efforts of the peloton retained a lead of 3:46 to the finish line in Kingston. There FRASER took his third stage win from his breakaway companions... revenge for the prior days misfortune taken.

Race leader Jean-Cyril ROBIN (La Fran�aise des Jeux), clad in his distinctive leaders red jersey, retained his overall position despite finishing in the peloton 3 minutes 46 seconds down on the breakaway.

Result: Stage 6 - HULL KINGSTON
Dist. : 205.00 Km - Average speed : 43.830 KM/H - Time : 04:40:36

1 FRASER Gordon MCT CAN :00
4 RICH Michael GST GER :01
5 CAPELLE Ludovic HOM BEL 3:46
6 PETERS John MCT USA 3:46
8 VENTURA Robbie SAT USA 3:46
9 HEULE Christian ERI SUI 3:46
10 BARRY Michael SAT CAN 3:46
11 SAYERS Michael MCT USA 3:46
12 SCHNIDER Daniel POS SUI 3:46
13 MCKENZIE David LMR AUS 3:46
14 BEUCHAT Roger POS SUI 3:46
15 MCGRORY Scott GST AUS 3:46

Overall after Stage 6:

1 ROBIN Jean Cyril FDJ FRA 23:15:02 :00
2 TRENTIN Guido VIN ITA 23:15:30 :28
3 CALI Vincent HOM FRA 23:16:02 1:00
4 HORNER Christopher FDJ USA 23:16:46 1:44
5 HOSTE Leif MAP BEL 23:16:58 1:56
6 SCHNIDER Daniel POS SUI 23:19:03 4:01
7 BARRY Michael SAT CAN 23:19:04 4:02
8 RODRIGUEZ Fred MAP USA 23:19:38 4:36
9 GUTTIEREZ J. Enriqu KEL ESP 23:19:51 4:49
10 PERRAS Dominique CAN CAN 23:19:52 4:50

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