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Skyline Wilderness Park

This has been the site of the World Cup mountain bike race and is known for having some of the most technically challenging single track in the area. Recent trail work has smoothed out some of the rougher trails, but there's still plenty of rocky terrain. This 850-acre park has over 25 miles of intermediate to advanced trails, but many of these trails are closed to bikes.

There is a fee charged at the main gate. If you drive in, it's $4 plus $1 for each additional person or bike. If you ride in the fee is $3. I thought this was a steep price to pay for such a small park. The terrain is very similar to Annadel, but the park is less the 1/5 the size of Annadel. $5 (or more) for less than 1/5 the park?... it's not a tough decision for me. I'd rather ride Annadel anyday. But if you've never been to Skyline, I'd suggest you'd try it at least once. You won't be disappointed.

How to Get There:

From Highway 29 south of the city of Napa, turn east on Imola Avenue. After passing Napa State Hospital, look for the park entrance on the right (south) side.

The Ride:

From the northwest corner of the parking lot, follow the gravel trail over a small bridge to the Lake Marie Trailhead. The Lake Marie Trail is a 2.5 mile fire road that climbs 600' to Lake Marie. At the lake go northeast over the dam. Here's were the fun starts - it's all singletrack back to the parking lot. The Chaparral Trail takes you up and around the east side of the lake and intersects with the Skyline and Bay Area Ridge Trail. Take the Skyline Trail all the way back the beginning of Lake Marie Road.

Photos of Skyline Wilderness Park - June 17th, 2001


Trail Map


Skyline Wilderness Park

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