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Skyline Park

SKYLINE IS YOUR PARK. By observing a few regulations you will help maintain its natural state for everyone's present and future enjoyment.

No one on trails after sunset.
Observe and follow all trail signs.
Stay on mapped trails.
Pets prohibited (with exception of seeing-eye and hearing-dogs).
Pets in RV Area only must be on leash, or in dog run.
No smoking, except in picnic area and RV area.
No open fires except in designated or approved spots.
No firearms or other weapons permitted in the park. Archery equipment permitted on the Archery Range.
No powered vehicles beyond parking lots and RV area.
No swimming in lake.
Please do not pick wildflowers nor disturb or remove wildlife, plants or trees.
No vehicles or horses in the picnic area.
Hikers and Animals have the fight-of-way.
Bikes - pick up rules in office.
Follow directions of Park Rangers at all times.
When following the Creek Bypass on Toyon Trail going north - do not follow creek into Camp Coombs area.
CAUTION: The creek water is unsafe for drinking. Drinking water available near entrance station.
Beware of poison oak, ticks and snakes.
Horses and Bikers limited to use of Lake Marie Road only, for a period of five(5) days following a heavy rain. See ranger for further directions.
Unauthorized vehicles left in parking area or RV spaces after park hours will be towed at owner's expense.
Skyline Park Citizen's Association reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

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