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Pacific Union College

The campus of Pacific Union College is surrounded by the Las Posadas State Forest. This is the site of the Napa Valley Dirt Classic and the Napa Nobular races. There lots of rolling singletrack and fire roads - some say it's the best riding in Napa County, and I don't think they're too far from the truth. The upper area is a maze of single track and fire roads - mostly smooth trails with some technical sections. After exploring these trails I followed Ridge Road to Anguish Hill. This leads you down a mostly smooth single track through the trees. Staying to the left will put you on a single track that drops to the bottom of a valley before climbing back up to meet Midway. There's alot of rocky, technical areas of this portion of trail. From Midway take any of the many fire roads that lead back to the parking lot.

How to Get There:

From Hwy 128 or the Silverado Trail go East on Dear Park Road. Follow this road until it turns into Howell Mountain Road. Go right onto Cold Springs Road and at the split veer left onto Las Posadas Road. Follow this until you come to a gated dirt road on the left side of the road with a pullout with room for parking.

Photos of Pacific Union College - June 24th, 2001


Trail Map


Pacific Union College - Campus Tour

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