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Bikeways Of Orange County

Thursday, July 04, 2019

These are our centuries of the month for July. It is also Bastille Day, but unless you are French, what the hell do we care. Many of our rides take in the major river trails, but there are a number of bike trails in Orange County which we don’t ride as often. One of the major trails is the Aliso Creek trail which runs from Cook’s Corner almost all the way to the ocean. Today we ride much of that trail as well as several other trails in Orange County. With much of the ride on bike trails, the course is relatively flat. However, the full century is not completely flat. There is a good climb or two thrown in for variety. The metric version stays with the full century through some of the early bike trails and then cuts off to later meet up with the full century as it makes a 14 mile run back up the coast to the start. The metric century cuts off most of the climbing of the full century. The really good news is that you don’t have to drive down to Orange County to do these rides. We start from El Dorado Park in Long Beach – about a half hour drive from West LA. So why not join us? And if you are French – Vive la revolution!  START: EL DORADO PARK In Long Beach. From San Diego Frwy (405), off and North/East on Studebaker 1 mi. to Park. Park in Library lot on right just before Spring Street. (Full Century – 95 mi and 2500 ft, Metric Century – 64 mi and 800 ft)


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Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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