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Arcadia and Stuff.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

I had wanted to run these routes earlier in the year, but the road to Chantry Flats was closed. It is open now and this gives us a chance to offer this great challenge ó Ride yesterdayís Grand Tour Trainer and then show up today and make it up to Chantry. A special commendation will go out to anyone who does it. Of course these are nice routes even if you didnít ride yesterday. The highlight of the day (and it is only on the long) is the climb up to Chantry Flats. Unfortunately, there is nothing flat about Chantry Flats. Itís a good 4 to 5 mile climb. Most of it isnít too steep, but the first mile or so at the bottom up to the gate where Chantry Flats Road actually starts is very discouraging. Just remember that once you make it through the gate, the going will get easier. Of course, it isnít the only thing we offer today. We have the usual 3 routes. All routes start with a lap around the Rose Bowl. From there, we ride over to San Marino, Arcadia and then the long makes the trip up to Chantry Flats. The medium doesnít make this climb, but simply proceeds directly to lunch. After coming back down from Chantry, the long riders re-join the mediums at lunch. Lunch is at Tops in Pasadena which serves up large portions. If you rode yesterday, you will be needing those calories. Even if you didnít ride yesterday, if you just came down from Chantry, you have earned a hearty lunch. Both long and medium return together after lunch by a fairly direct route. The short is similar to the medium but doesnít go as far east and doesnít go to Tops for lunch. So come on out. Whether you are going for the two-day commendation or not, itís a pleasant ride. Why not try the trip to Chantry? After all, if it proves too tough, you can always turn around and coast back down. START:† ALHAMBRA PARK in ALHAMBRA.† From the San Bernardino Frwy (I-10), off and north on Fremont 2 miles, R- Alhambra Rd to 4 blocks to Park.† Park on Raymond on East side of the park. (Long 43 mi and 2800 ft; Medium 35 mi and 1400 ft; Short 27 mi and 1100 ft)


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Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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