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Valley Rally

Sunday, December 02, 2018

A ďrallyĒ would imply a significant number of people, but lately we havenít been getting as many riders out for our rides as we used to. Iím not sure 5 or 6 make a rally. I would settle for 10. So letís shoot for that. We really should get more, but 10 in my minimum for a rally. And where will we rally? We will be riding the San Gabriel Valley today ó specifically the Whittier, Industry and Diamond Bar areas. All routes ride the same area, but donít stick together much. All routes head east from Whittier. The Long makes it all the way to Pomona and then returns via Diamond Bar Blvd and Brea Cutoff to Industry for lunch. After lunch itís a quick hop over Turnbull back to the start. The two mediums head to Industry to join the Longs for lunch (probably beating them there) either by going over Turnbull or around it. They both make an easy return. The Short doesnít go quite as far east as the mediums before returning to Whittier. The only major hill today on any of the routes is Turnbull and thatís not really so bad. However, the medium does it going out and the long hits it going back. So come on out. We really canít have a ďrallyĒ without you. START:† Sorensen Park in Whittier From 605 Frwy, off and east on Washington 0.5 mi. to left on Broadway to Park on right. (Long 50 mi. and 3500 ft; Medium with hill, 40 mi and 1700 ft; Medium without hill, 42 mi and 1100 ft; Short 33 mi and 1200 ft.)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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