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 On The Road

by Bill Oetinger

  Columns 201 to 238 of 238
Date Title
8/1/2002 Americans in Paris....a look back
7/1/2002 Americans in Paris--a rhapsody in red, white, and blue
6/1/2002 Italy Revisited
5/1/2002 In praise of out-&-backs
4/1/2002 Fashion vs. Function
3/1/2002 Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Hills?
2/1/2002 Messing about with maps
1/1/2002 The Price of Admission
12/1/2001 Patches...who needs 'em?
11/1/2001 Call your cable company...
10/1/2001 San Francisco Grand Prix
9/1/2001 How's my driving?
8/1/2001 Bored on the bike? Never!
7/1/2001 Mental pacing
6/1/2001 Experiential Education...what a concept!
5/1/2001 So simple...and so right
4/1/2001 Aroma Therapy
3/1/2001 Cycling myths debunked...part 2
2/1/2001 Cycling myths debunked...part 1
1/1/2001 New Year's Resolutions
12/1/2000 A Winter's Tale
11/1/2000 What about bike paths?
10/1/2000 Back Roads and Back Lots
9/1/2000 It's always better on a bike
8/1/2000 A Simple Little Wave
7/1/2000 Are you an athlete?
6/1/2000 Why do we do it?
5/1/2000 The Joy of Going Nowhere
4/1/2000 The Dubious Importance of Being Fast
3/1/2000 Make That A Double!
2/1/2000 The Birds and the Bees
1/1/2000 God's Cycling Theme Park
12/1/1999 Winter in the Wine Country
11/1/1999 Living Dangerously
10/1/1999 Confessions of a cyclometer junkie
9/1/1999 Cycle-touring: reinventing your life
8/1/1999 Reflections on a golden jersey
7/1/1999 Interactive transportation
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