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Corner Caper - Phase I

Sunday, September 25, 2022

I’ve held this ride until the end of the month because today we head out to the San Fernando Valley and I’m hoping that by late September the weather will be cool enough to make this a pleasant ride. As the name implies, we are supposed to caper today and if it’s 100 in the Valley we won’t feel much like capering about. Then again, maybe the title refers to a “caper” as in a crime. I’ve never been too sure. These routes probably date back to the very early days of the club since they are basically simple routes out to the valley and back. Back in the 50’s that was probably more of novel ride than it is today. Both the long and medium climb Benedict Cyn but descend into the valley by different routes. The medium makes a small circle in the valley with lunch in Reseda while the long makes it to the west valley with lunch out there. Both return back over Sepulveda. The short stays on this side of the hill and simply tours the west side and Culver City. So why not join us today? We can either caper about or pull a caper – whichever suits your fancy. START: THE ACORNER@, Olympic Blvd, 1 block west of La Cienega in Beverly Hills. From the Santa Monica Frwy (10), off and north La Cienega 12 miles, L - Olympic 1 block to R - Le Doux (Long 62 mi and 2700 ft, Medium 50 mi and 2500 ft, Short 34 mi and 800 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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