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Coastal Cruise Century

Sunday, August 13, 2017

NOTE: 8 a.m start time. This is our August Century of the month. We have used this century as one of our summer centuries for several years now although not always in August. It fits right in with our August theme of riding the South Bay and is another obvious attempt to get our miles in during the hot days of summer while still staying somewhat cool. This year we are adding a metric century which is simply the full century, but it turns around a little sooner. I’ve mentioned this before, but one reason I like this route (full century) is that it has the option of going to either of two of my favorite lunch locations: Five Guys or Pick-Up-Stix. Five Guys tastes better, but Pick-Up-Stix is probably better for you. Isn’t that how it always is? It’s hard for me to choose. It’s a relatively easy century as centuries go, and it rides near the coast much of the day so it should be cool for an August ride. The route heads down to Seal Beach and back. On the way down we do a little climbing in Palos Verdes (almost half the climbing of the entire ride). We take an interesting route through the harbor area which is nicer than you might think. The Long Beach Bike Path gets us to Seal Beach. The route back is a bit more inland and includes a trip up to the top of Signal Hill in case you missed it on July 4th. The metric stays with the full century down to the edge of Long Beach and then jogs over on the LA River to pick up the full century route again for the return. It includes the climbing through Palos Verdes which the full century does, but cuts off the trip up Signal Hill on the return. So why not join us for this annual summer event and get your August century in. START:  DEL REY LAGOON in Playa Del Rey.  From San Diego Frwy off and west on Culver Blvd (or off and west on Jefferson, which runs into Culver) to end (approx. 4 mi). R – Pacific Ave to park (Pacific Ave and Convoy). (Full Century 94 mi and 3400 ft, Metric Century 64 mi and 1900 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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