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La Tuna Melt

Sunday, February 24, 2019

I just recently saw on the news (I’m writing this in December) that new safety measures have been implemented on La Tuna Canyon. These apparently include bicycle lanes and reduced speed limits. The first will help, but I have my doubts about the other. Anyway, here is a chance for us to go check out the improvements. They were done primarily to help cyclists, so we should show some gratitude by riding there. However, only the long route does the La Tuna climb. Starting from the Zoo, the long will head out Glenoaks Blvd to make the climb up La Tuna Canyon to Montrose. I think this is the only club route that does this climb, so it’s our only chance to check out the improvements in that direction. We will then continue to the Rose Bowl area to meet the medium riders and then make a loop up to the top of Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena before riding down into San Marino and then on to Pasadena for lunch. The return is a fairly direct route back down through Eagle Rock and Glendale to the start. The medium will head up to the Rose Bowl area via Chevy Chase. It’s a climb, but not as tough as La Tuna. There, it will join the long route for the trip to Christmas Tree Lane, lunch and the return. The short takes a slightly easier and shorter route up to the Rose Bowl. It skips the trip to Christmas Tree Lane and goes right to the common lunch spot of the long and medium. It then returns with them to the start. We gave this ride its current name after riding up Tuna Canyon on a hot summer day, but oddly, we have never ridden it in summer since then. START:  Los Angeles Zoo parking lot at the NORTH end (near Camel sign) From Ventura (134) Frwy or Golden State Frwy (5), exit near Griffith Park at any exit marked by signs to the Zoo or to the Autry Museum.  Follow signs into the park and to the Zoo lot.  Don’t confuse us with other groups which also start here. (Long 53  mi and 2900 ft; Medium 40 mi and 2200 ft; Short 32 mi and 1400 ft.)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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