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Legg Lake

Sunday, December 30, 2018

It is our last ride of the year. Just about your last chance to add to your 2018 mileage total. Perhaps we should offer a century today for those who still need as many miles as possible to reach a goal. But if that’s the case, you’ll just have to get those miles on your own. We start near the Rose Bowl, so you could always do laps around it to get any extra needed miles. But if you only need around 50 miles, today’s ride is for you. Our destination today is Legg Lake which is in the Whittier Narrows area. Only the medium and short riders go into the park to actually see the lake, but the long riders ride past the entrance. The long and medium head through San Marino and Alhambra to the San Gabriel River which they take to the Whittier Narrows area for lunch. The long continues the river north to the Santa Fe dam for a long loop back. The Medium takes a shorter route back after circling Legg Lake. The short simply takes a more direct route to Whittier Narrows where it joins the Medium for the tour of the lake and the return. I notice that all 3 routes have the same amount of elevation gain. I think this may be the only set of rides we have for which that is true. So there really isn’t much choice if you are looking for some hills to reach an annual climbing goal this year. START: BROOKSIDE PARK – just south of the Rose Bowl.  From Ventura Frwy (134) or Pasadena Frwy (110), off and north on Orange Grove, L – Rosemont, L – Seco and L- Arroyo to Park on left.  Meet near the Aquatic Facility / tennis courts. (long 57 mi and 1500 ft, medium 55 mi and 1500 ft, short 41 mi and 1500 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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