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Arcadia – La Tuna Canyon.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

“Tuna” in Spanish refers to a prickly pear and I’m sure that’s the source of the name of today’s La Tuna Canyon and not the fish since the ocean is miles away and tuna aren’t known for swimming upstream. But I suppose this could create a problem if you try to order a tuna sandwich in Mexico. Parts of the prickly pear are edible, so who knows what you would get. Anyway, today both the long and the medium ride down La Tuna Canyon (a nice 4 mile downhill) but the long throws in an extra loop (with an extra climb) before getting to Montrose and La Tuna. After lunch along Glenoaks Blvd, we ride through Eagle Rock and then a short climb back up through South Pasadena back to the start. That’s a fair amount of climbing for a 60 miles ride. You might be thinking about the short route at this point. It doesn’t do La Tuna. It heads that way, but before reaching Montrose, it goes down Chevy Chase to Eagle Rock where it picks up the return route of the long and medium. So why not join us today. Just be careful not to fall into any prickly pears along the road. You know, there is another Tuna Canyon on the coast. Maybe it is named for the fish. START:  ARCADIA PARK. From San Bernardino Frwy (10) off and north on Santa Anita (5 mi) to park or from Foothill Frwy (210) off and south on Santa Anita half mile. (long 60 mi and 3500 ft, medium 52 mi and 2300 ft, short 35 mi and 1400 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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