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Janus Sequential Centuries – Day Two

Sunday, January 21, 2018

See above for background on these centuries. Today is the clockwise route. Its the reverse of yesterday so it starts with the downhill on Potrero. Then its on to Ventura and up to Ojai, over Dennison Grade to Santa Paula and over Grimes Canyon to Moorpark and back. Although more of the climbing is in the 2nd half of the ride today, it tends to be less steep than day one and I feel it is a little easier. In the years I rode both days, I usually had a faster time on the 2nd day despite being tired from riding day one. This is the official century of the month for January, and (like last year) we now also offer metric centuries to accompany our monthly centuries. The metric route stays with the full century for the first 32 miles and cuts straight over to the Moorpark area to rejoin the full century on the final few miles of the return. This metric century cuts out much of the climbing of the full century. NOTE:  We are only offering a metric century on the 2nd day because I thought most metric century riders would not want to go UP Potrero which a reverse of today’s metric century would do. However, if you want to ride a metric both days, you could simply reverse today’s metric route. START: The start location today is the same as day one  see above.  (Full Century 100 mi and 5100 ft, Metric Century 64 mi and 2500 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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