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Saugus Special

Sunday, October 29, 2017

There is not now, and never really has been a city of Saugus. It was a community which way back in 1987 merged with several other communities to form the city of Santa Clarita. But since the club is a lot older than Santa Clarita, I guess we stick with the old name for the area. (BTW, Saugus was named for Saugus, Massachusetts, the hometown of Henry Newhall on whose land the original town was built.)  So today we are out in Santa Clarita, or Saugus if you prefer. We will be riding the two principal canyons in the area, and the main reason cyclists head out this direction: San Francisquito Canyon and Bouquet Canyon. Today we get to ride both of them. Both the long and the medium will climb up San Francisquito and come back down Bouquet but the long will go a little further than the medium. The medium will only go up as far as Green Valley (the medium lunch stop) and then cut over to Bouquet on Spunky Canyon. The long will go all the way to the end and cut over to Bouquet on Lake Elizabeth Road with a stop in Leona Valley for lunch. These are both scenic canyons. Bouquet is rather pretty. San Francisquito, not so much, but you get to see the site of the famous dam which failed in 1928. If all this sounds too tough, there are two short routes which simply ride around the Santa Clarita area without doing as much climbing. We don’t get out this way more than once or twice a year, so make your plans to ride with us today.  START:  PARK and RIDE LOT on San Fernando Rd near Sierra Hwy in Newhall.   From the I-5 north take the 14 Frwy east for 2 miles and exit at San Fernando Rd.  Park and Ride lot is at bottom of ramp to the south. Toilets available at nearby Carl’s. (Long 67 mi and 4100 ft, Medium 56 mi and 4000 ft, LongerShort 38 mile and 2500 ft, Shorter Short 26 mi and 1800 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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