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Sierra Donut Ride

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I think some people  see the word “Donut” in the title and turn up their nose a little. You hear words like “Poison” or “empty calories” or “artery clogging.” Personally, I have always felt that anything you eat while cycling doesn’t stay with you long enough to hurt you. That’s why cycling is so great. But maybe we should change the name of this ride. I propose calling it “The Treasure of Sierra Madre.” Only when you get up to Sierra Madre do you discover that the treasure is rich, creamy donuts. Both the long and medium make it to the title donut shop. The medium is a fairly direct route, while the long adds an extra loop through South Pasadena. From the donut shop, both routes stay together on the return. The routes gently, but consistently, climb on the trip up to Sierra Madre, but it’s mostly downhill back to the start. The short doesn’t make it to the shop, but does visit an equally popular bake shop in Montrose. If donuts really aren’t your thing, there are alternate lunch sites nearby on all routes. So don’t turn up your nose at this ride. You might discover a treasure of another kind. START:  Los Angeles Zoo parking lot  Northeast Corner From Ventura (134) Frwy or Golden State Frwy (5), exit near Griffith Park at any exit marked by signs to the Zoo or to the Autry Museum.  Follow signs into the park and to the Zoo lot.  We will be meeting in the Northeast Corner of the lot. Other groups often meet here, so make sure you are with the Wheelmen. (Long 47 mi and 2100 ft, Medium 42 mi and 2100 feet., Short 18 and 900 ft)


Club: Los Angeles Wheelmen click for this clubs Click for Rating

Type: Road  Where: Southern CA

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